Katt Williams’ Explosive Accusations Against Cedric, Smiley & Harvey – Prepare for Laughs & Gasps!

A comedic grenade has detonated in the stand-up arena, with Katt Williams throwing accusations like punches at fellow funnymen Cedric the Entertainer, Rickey Smiley, and Steve Harvey. In a recent appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Williams unleashed a volley of claims, casting aspersions on the origin stories of jokes, roles, and entire television shows. His words have sparked a firestorm of controversy, reigniting discussions about originality, ethics, and the murky waters of comedic inspiration.

Accusations of a Joke Jacking:

The main event of Williams’ tirade revolved around Cedric the Entertainer, whom he accused of pinching his “very best joke” from the late ’90s. He vividly recounted Cedric watching him perform the bit on “ComicView,” showering him with praise, and then two years later, incorporating it verbatim into his own set on “The (Original) Kings Of Comedy.” Though Williams initially forgave Cedric, he claims the denial of joke-snatching reignited his indignation. This “revisionist history,” as Cedric called it, sparked a war of words, with Cedric asserting his career transcends a single gag and highlighting his extensive film and comedic contributions.

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1. Katt Williams accuses Cedric of stealing his "best joke".

More Than Money Mike? Williams vs. Smiley:

The comedic dust hadn’t settled when Williams turned his sights on Rickey Smiley. He disputed Smiley’s claim of originally landing the iconic Money Mike role in “Friday After Next,” instead painting a picture of hundreds of actors, himself included, vying for the part. He further added fuel to the fire by claiming a contractual clause requiring Smiley to wear dresses in future collaborations, referencing roles in “First Sunday” and “Sweet Hideaway.” Smiley has yet to publicly respond, leaving the Money Mike mystery shrouded in speculation and side-eye glances.

Sitcom Stealing? Williams Takes Aim at Harvey:

No target was safe in Williams’ crosshairs, with Steve Harvey getting roasted for his alleged sitcom plagiarism. He accused Harvey of pilfering the entire premise of “The Steve Harvey Show” from Mark Curry’s earlier “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” both featuring charming, Black high school teachers. He further took jabs at Harvey’s acting career, questioning his film choices and comedic range. Whether these were playful barbs or serious accusations remains ambiguous, but the tension crackled through the airwaves.

Beyond the Brawler: Unpacking the Issues:

While the comedic barbs and outlandish claims might raise eyebrows, they raise fundamental questions about ownership, inspiration, and the fine line between borrowing and outright theft. Jokes, often ephemeral bursts of wit, can be difficult to definitively claim, leaving room for both honest coincidences and calculated pilfering. The line gets murkier when dealing with entire concepts, like the sitcom premise comparison. Was it a conscious copy, or just two comedians tapping into a similar humorous wellspring?

1. Katt Williams accuses Cedric of stealing his "best joke".

Unanswered Questions and a Web of Speculation:

As the dust settles, several questions linger. Will Cedric respond further, defending his joke with receipts or resorting to silence? Will Smiley address the Money Mike claims and the curious dress code clause? Most importantly, will this feud fizzle out like a forgotten punchline, or will it escalate into a full-blown stand-up showdown? While answers remain elusive, one thing is certain: the comedy world is watching, popcorn in hand, ready to see how this hilarious, albeit messy, drama unfolds.

One thing is for sure: the comedic landscape has been shaken, and the echoes of these accusations will reverberate through the industry, reminding us that laughter, like any art form, can be fraught with complexities. So, grab your metaphorical front-row seats, because the next act in this comedy of claims is just beginning.


  • Q: Did Cedric actually steal Katt’s joke? A: We can’t say for sure. While the timeline and similarities are striking, definitive proof is absent.
  • Q: Was Rickey Smiley really supposed to be Money Mike? A: This remains unclear. Smiley’s claim and Williams’ rebuttal paint conflicting pictures.
  • Q: Did Steve Harvey copy Mark Curry’s sitcom idea? A: The similarities are undeniable, but accusations of direct copying require further evidence.
  • Q: Where does this feud go from here? A: Only time will tell. More public responses, potential collaborations, or perhaps an awkward silence are all possibilities.




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